The Sauber C9 A2 exhibit without a motor and vehicle electronics was acquired directly from Peter Sauber in 2010 with the intent of turning it into a running condition.

The M117 motor was made ready to start using the assembly instructions of the then tuner Heini Mader and a huge lot of unused original spare parts at Swissauto in Burgdorf. The only unoriginal part was a modern electronic control system for the motor by Helfenstein company. The original Bosch Motronic 1.7 including wiring loom and sensors is given with the car. The aluminum-monocoque was rebuilt by Schwaller Motorsport, Aadorf according to the original's CAD schemes. The assembly was conducted by Käser Fahrzeugbau, Nuglar. The entire construction is well documented with expert reports, photographies, and bills.


The Sauber C9 A2 is complete with official FIA documents, so it could take part in any corresponding race.

The car was driven for the first time in 2015 in Italy at Vernasca Silver Flag Speed Hill Climbing. The same season it was also used in Switzerland at Arosa Classic Car, the Speed Hill Climbing Steckborn-Eichhölzli as well as in Altbüron.